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About Us

In 2022 the original site was re-created by Damian Bartczak from Ignacy Mościcki State Professional College in Poland, using newer technology to match modern site standards.

This site was originally started by Matt Edzkowski and further developed by students of the Software Engineering program of Florida Gulf Coast University, under the guidance of Dr.  Janusz Zalewski.

It includes American Writers of Polish descent, among them those born in the United States or Canada, those who were born in Poland and emigrated to the United States, as well as those who feel strong connection to the country of their ancestors, such as Jewish American writers.

The sense of community has helped the immigrants feel stronger and more confident, and the writer's voice means sometimes more to them than a passport, as Alan Berecka writes in his poem "My week as an Illegal Alien" about a conversation with his mother:

"Confronted, I confessed that I did not want to be sent back to the old country and its older ways...

She said, "Let me get this straight you're worried because no one checked your great-grandfather's papers?"

I nodded. "Son, relax. No one checked the pilgrims' either"

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